Let us build you an outstanding aquarium!

Here at Mid-Cities Aquariums we offer a large variety of quality livestock for you to enjoy. Fish, coral, and invertebrates come from the oceans of the world, ready to be the next addition to you home or business marine aquarium. Unlike many aquarium stores that have dead fish in the tanks, we pride ourselves on healthy, beautiful livestock that you can have faith in purchasing. If you are one of our regular maintenance customers, you get a 14 day guarantee with every purchase!

Aquarium Maintenance
Proper maintenance is vital to the success of your aquarium. With all live aquatic environments, both in the wild and in tanks and aquariums, water conditions, lighting, and the presence of the proper elements all contribute to the condition of the system.
Aquarium Installation
For Hobbyists, novice to advanced, Mid-Cities Aquariums offers custom aquatic solutions that create one-of-a-kind underwater experiences in your home or office. The systems are the equivalent to the systems that you will find at zoo's and professional aquariums. You can take pride in their quality, and you kind find enjoyment in their beauty.
Aquarium Relocation
Moving your aquarium can be a stressful event. However, with planning, care, and the right supplies, MCA will move your aquarium with minimal stress to your and your livestock.